When you study the Word of GOD, it puts many things into perspective. Studying allows you an opportunity to know the truth but you are the one that has the faith, power, understanding to receive truth or reject it.

The truth about titles is that they are meant to be guiding pillars, signs, symbols, waymarks that means a title points you in a certain direction and/or shows you the direction you are going.

If you schedule a meeting withban Apostle, their title Apostle is a sign that they have had a road to Damascus type of experience and that they teach the Apostle doctrine. If you need direction on how to teacher, you may want to look for a title that says Teacher.

The Word of GOD never said that GOD was against titles, the Word says, not to give flattering titles, this means not to give flattering surnames, an additional name to no man. The scripture tells us not to eulogize, praise highly no man. When you highly praise a person, you are in disobedience to The Word. Our high praise should be reserved for GOD.

When we study for ourselves we have a better understanding of The Word and we are better equipped to rightly divide The Word of GOD.

If GOD is not against your titles and shares with us that it is a guiding pillar, why should anyone be against your sign, your waymark, your title. Let your title be the guide that someone needs to follow.

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