Over the past few years we have seen an increase in protests around the world and yet various governmental systems have not changed. We continuously put our faith in the worlds political systems as if they are going to change things. I often wonder if you say that you are saved and/or a believer, why believe in the world’s systems in the first place. The Word continues to tell us to not trust man but to put and keep our trust in GOD.

My trust in GOD caused my to look in the holy bible to see if I could find any protest. I found protest where various individuals protested which meant they charged, recorded, took, admonished, witnessed a situation. Then the Holy Spirit showed me where a protest was risen by Paul for the body of Hamashiach (The Messiah) to stand up when it is not convenient and convince, forbid and comfort with the Word of GOD and to do it patiently.

This is the type of protest that I am standing in agreement with, I stand by the Word, I will preach the Word, no matter who is against the Word. I am looking for other protestor to protest that the Word of GOD cannot be silenced nor destroyed. Remember heaven and earth will pass away, only the Word will remain.



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