We are in an amazing season of turning and changing. Turning allows us the opportunity to look at things from various positions and changes gifts us with new opportunities. Now is a great time to sow and have a great expectation for your harvest.

Today you have the freedom to sow to you. Seed, time and harvest is one of the most productive messages that ministers preach but often leave out how to seed to self. Please don’t get caught up in the world’s mindset and just wait until this passes, but become your best self by sowing to you.

Starting a garden will not only provide you with veggies or fruits to enjoy but it will assist you with boredom, allow your mind to get use to productivity, create a calming atmosphere and save you money. But you don’t even have to do it outside, google on how to grow your garden outside or inside. Gardening can be one flower pot at a time.

There are many benefits to sowing to you that we don’t take time to acknowledge its importance. It’s important to sow to self so that you can reap harvests. Why should those around you be the only ones that prosper when prosperity is available to you.

Go ahead, take some time and sow to you and if sowing stresses you, then you’re not prepared for growth.

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  1. Check this out sewing and reaping from myself. After reading this this is so powerful take time to invest in myself, so some good seeds and Speak Life over my own self instead of worrying about what’s going on in the world that God is already taking care of it’s a great time to exercise my faith. And obey his word obedience is so important to me right now is essential that I continue to study God’s word and despite what goes on around me keep right on confessing it until it becomes part of my life just as walking or reaching for something with my hands when I need it. Your ministry is wonderful I’m going to share this with all my friends and encourage them to respond and take time to so something into yourself with just God’s word and reap the benefits of being part of the Kingdom thank you so much have a blessed and wonderful day and you know I love you sis🙏🙏❤💪😆😆


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