When you begin working for someone, one of the things that you’re most interested in is your benefits. You want to know how much your insurance is going to be every pay period, can you choose your own doctors, how much your deductible, etc. A benefit package can alter your decision on whether you’ll take the job or not.

Today let’s review God’s benefit package and I pray that you consider God’s offer of eternal life.

God’s benefit package out weights and other offer you may have on the table.

Today is a great day to receive YOUR benefits



Is thy sheild

gives exceeding great rewards

is with you

will bless thee

given you treasures

will multiply thy seed

come to prove you

goes before thee

will not forsake thee

will not fail thee

said thou shalt not die

shall shew thee kindness

will come wit vengeance

will help thee

will redeem thee

calls you by your name

will save thee and thy seed

will do great things