Can a day be sinful or is it the people that’s sinful?

This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad.

So, what makes a DAY sinful?

Easter just like Christmas and other holidays are DAYS that the world NOW recognizes as being changed. These have been changed into days of recognizing our King.

How awesomely wonderful that God has the power to change purposes.

How powerful that the All Powerful God has changed days that were paganistic (which is various religious beliefs, its not demonic) to holy days of celebrating Jesus Christ.

Or did God change the days or did He change the people? Can God, who has all power change a sinner into a saint or change an idol worshiping day to a day of worshiping Jesus.

Easter and Christmas are days that the world recognizes Jesus Christ of Nazareth. How wonderful that on certain days of the year, most of the world come together in agreement.

After all isn’t that what the church want?

Is it the people that makes a day sinful or is it the day that makes the people sinful, you judge.