How many times are you going to be spiritually pregnant and birth forth nothing.

A lot of abortions have taken place, I thought the church didn’t believe in abortions.

DECIDE to birth or stop getting pregnant.

REPENT for all your abortions

You’re pregnant with dreams, with visions. You jump up and shout. You run around the church. The excitement fills the room. Everybody is elated to be pregnant again. Your heart beats rapidly with expectation. Your joy overflows to others in the room. Your feet promenade across the floor while joyous outburst flow from your lips. You scream, you agree, I’m pregnant with vision, I’m pregnant with dream.

You’re impregnated but you’re not equipped to carry full term. You’re pregnant but you’re not receiving any care doing your pregnancy. You know the baby is growing. Things are becoming heavy. Questions begin to flood your mind with no answer.

Where will the money come from to take care of this baby? Am I suppose to do this alone? Looking, searching for someone to be your vision daddy, your dream daddy? Praying for answers, but not recognizing that you already have a Father for your vision. Will you give birth this time?
Are you strong enough to carry it to full term? How will you know when to push? Where’s your birthing direction?

Will I patiently wait for it to grow or will I have another abortion?

You get pregnant every time the minister preaches. You keep getting pregnant but where’s the baby. Isn’t it time to stop aborting.

You celebrating constant pregnancies, over and over again, but no babies are being born.

DECIDE to give birth or stop getting pregnant, please.

Mary, Did You Know? – Pentatonix
I pray you receive this spiritual so that this can help you give birth naturally.


How does it feel now that you gave up?

Has your heart stop beating?
Has your desires decreased?
Has your mind been changed?
Has your dreams died?

How does it really feel?

Like I Should Have Never Quit


After all didn’t Christ already pray that your faith fail NOT


But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.