I’ve listened to speaker after speaker say favor is not fair and I’m not sure where this particular saying comes fro. The Word of God teaches us that we are a royal priesthood, chosen, sons of GOD, prince and princess of the King of kings, of the the lineage of King David and that The Spirit of Grace (favor) is in us. Favor is what GOD placed in us.

There are 3 periods of Grace that we can recognize in the bible.

1. In the Old Testament GRACE/FAVOR was with man – God gave man favor, When GOD spoke it the WORD manifested their blessings

2. In the Synpotic gospels (Matthew-John), GRACE walked with man. The Word ( Yeshua Hamashiach/Jesus) walked on earth speaking blessing.

3. In the New Testament (Acts – Jude), GRACE now lives in us. The Messiah has sent us the Spirit of Grace. Once we recognize and speak favor, Grace manifests our blessing.

Favor is something you don’t have to pray for because it’s in you. We have the power and the authority to expect blessings but it will only come when you recognize who you are.

The saying favor ain’t fair, ain’t fair to speak over your life. GOD’S favor resides in His people to bless us and to make us victorious over any and all circumstances.

THE FAVOR THAT’S IN US IS FAIR because the Spirit of Grace is in you. I’m enjoying the GRACE that God has placed in me and I’m looking forward to seeing the Body of The Messiah rise in full GRACE EFFECTS. Look inside you, expect to be blessed and then speak it. THE KING of kings is royal and so are you.

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