People keep saying count your blessings, but I'm too busy in the kingdom to stop and count. So: I keep thanking God for all things I keep enjoying obedience that reveals the blessing. I keep praising and worshiping God for placing blessing in me. I keep giving the blessings away because they're pressed down overflowing.... Continue Reading →


WHERE'S THE GLORY The church that God created and made is meant to come together to worship the Most High God, to save souls, to fellowship, to read the Word of God, to praise God, a time for GLORY to be revealed, rejoicing, celebrating. Flesh has turned the church into some hospital, that smells sick... Continue Reading →


My mind's made up Some people will always eat pork-n-beans and hot dogs, the POOR, no Word Then some will always eat hamburgers and french fries, the MIDDLE CLASS, fleshly word Then some will always eat steak and potates, the RICH, demonic word But then some will always eat the meat of Word and partake... Continue Reading →


What does it PROSPERS a man to GAIN CHRIST and to loose his sin? He prospers in love. Love that covers a multitude of sin. He prospers in joy. Joy unspeakable, full of glory. He prospers in peace. Peace that surpasses all understanding. He prospers in longsuffering. Longsuffering with joyfulness. He prospers in gentleness. Gentleness... Continue Reading →


The church is the most powerful organization that has ever been created, the devil knows it and uses it. The church sold their powers and authority for money, broken promises, inept abilities and a lies. I'm angry WAKE UP, he's here to kill, steal and destroy


God presented me with an option, an option I never had before, death or life. And the power was in my mouth all the time. I chose to speak LIFE and now I have LIFE and that more abundantly The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am... Continue Reading →


The best place to be on earth is to be in the spirit.  The best place in earth is in the will of God. The best place to live on earth is to live in prayer.

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