Men please stop assuming all women are alike.

I have had multiple men tell me certain personal statics that they think will make me want to be in a relationship with them, but what they don’t understand is what do a holy women of god want.

A holy woman of God do not need to know how much money you have, your credit score, if you have large “shoes,” the kind of car you drive, etc. This is what the world teaches and the church bought into the lie.

No holy woman of God wants a man that says hi to God periodically, he does drive by visits on Sunday mornings, he waves at God only when in trouble, he knows of God but doesn’t know God.

What matters to a HOLY woman of God is, GOD is he the ONE THAT YOU SENT, GOD REVEAL IF HE’S THE ONE,

because if he’s the one, she’ll make sure he has money, she’ll raise his credit score, she’ll enjoy the perfect fit in size, she’ll help him get his car.

Natural things matter to worldly women, spiritual things matter to holy women.

She’ll know your worth based upon how you value your relationship with God.

Its your spiritual relationship with God that excites her.

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