There are certain times in life when people run into the arm’s of God seeking immediate solutions. They’re in a state of panick and fear and questions fill their heart as to why. Those times are times of dying. When a loved one is dying or when they are close to dying. God becomes their number one source of communication and it becomes a beautiful movement of relationship.

A relationship is being established between man/woman and God. They become open to developing a line of communication with The Only One that can save their loved ones or themselves. The urgency that is establish pressures them to seek an immediate response from God.

They develop a great level of wanting God to manifest His power. There is an immediate need to see God move NOW. Their heart develops tears of expectation that floods their entire being. They end up crying so much that their minds become numb but the heart won’t stop hurting.

When their minds become numb of why thoughts, of how did this happen thoughts, this can’t be real thoughts, they move into a position where God’s grace becomes sufficient in their time of need.

But then you find people that have a relevant relationship with God where their is no need to run to God, no need to fear nor panick. There is a life in God and God in them. A relationship in God where people look at you as if you’ve lost your mind because you have peace.

In this place is no urgent prayers of why. In this place is no urgent cries of distress. This is the place where you have always lived, a place called relationship, relationship with God.

Because you have a firm relationship with God, you don’t have to wait for Him to show up, He was there all the time. You know that He would never leave you nor forsake you. Even during this moment of dying, you are convinced that He knows.

While waiting for God to shift the atmosphere of doubting believers to convicted receivers, you put a plan into motion, a plan of defeating the enemy that confronts you. No need to scream, holler, jump, shout, pass out, but you’ve learned to remain in position of prayer, faith and mercy.

Your compassion for your love one or yourself that dying leds you to a quiet place that is only reserved for God. People don’t understand but God knows that you are equipping yourself for battle. You maybe weak, but it is in your weakness that God becomes strong. You are fully aware of God’s strength and you pray.

Not a prayer to God saying, ” will You show up, will You answer, will You help, will You save, but prayers of faith saying, “I thank you for showing up, I thank you for answering prayers, I thank you for saving.”

You are The God that heals, The Only True and Living God that ordains and fulfills. The God that knows and created all. The God that dwells high above yet dwells in the core of my being. The God that commands angel to protect us. The Almighty God that sent His son to die and take away the victory and sting of death.

This is the place where you dwell but now you know its time to confront the enemy that has engaged an attack. The enemy has taken the first shot and now its time for battle.

I’ll be back as soon as the power of God in me destroys this death demon. While I’m fighting can you pray with me for my daughter Nina that’s hospitalized. I’ll be back to tell you how God brought her through.  See you soon

Pray for Nina


Pray for Nina


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