The BIBLE was not broke so what is man trying to fix.

All scripture (or all versions of the bible) is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

Is all scripture given by inspiration of God or are all of these different version man’s display of being superior. How dare man try and tell God your original word wasn’t simple enough for me to understand.

We have young people reading all these man written version (the letter). The letter killeth, its the spirit that gives life.

If you lack wisdom, ask GOD not our weak disrespectful flesh that dishonors God. God can speak to you himself.

Jesus spoke in parables, but man wants everybody to understand what Jesus was saying. Shame on you. It is GOD, the Holy Spirit that speaks TRUTH and is not a lie.

This is the church fault. The church left the foundation and now all these different versions on the bible surfaces. Flesh trying to taint the Word of God with our humanistic wisdom.

If I tell you a joke the next time you tell it, it will not be me speaking, its you telling your version.

Give me as close to the real thing. People keep saying there’s no real people, but is there a real bible any more.

This is the result of man’s wisdom and the need to water down the Word of God. The bible wasn’t broke. Why do people always try to be superior over God.

NOW WHO’S GOING TO READ THIS NEW BIBLE? Kids, teens, young adults

By cbutler1137 Posted in WORD

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