I thank God that many look like what they’ve gone through.

Have you gone through fire! Now you look like fire, God has anointed you with fire.

Have you gone through pain and suffering! Now you look like compassion, God has anointed you with compassion to feel other people’s pain and suffering.

Have you gone through abuse! Now you look like the bride of Christ,  God has given you a cross to follow Jesus.

Have you gone through loneliness! Now you look like salvation, God has separated you for holiness.

Have you gone through kidnapping! Now you look like fear, God has anointed you to fear no man that can kill the body, but to fear Him that can destroy your soul.

Have you gone through homelessness! Now you look prosperous, God has anointed you with Faith, all your needs are meet and you live abundantly.

Have you gone through seeking! Now you look like you’re found, God has send His Son to find you and now you know who you are.

Have you gone through sickness! Now you look well, God has anointed you with good health, so others can believe.

Have you gone through hate! Now you look like love, God has touched your heart that you can’t hate your haters because too much love flows in you.

Many today can thank the Almighty God that they LOOK LIKE WHAT THEY’VE  BEEN THROUGH.

Your evidence is seen and it looks good on you.

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