Your spouse has not connected with you in months. They’re always tired, busy or just not in the mood. You feel as if they don’t want you. They must be having an affair.

This is your current situation and you need an immediate remedy.

Well, God established what is needed for a successful marriage when Christ said husbands  love your wives as Christ loves the church and gave himself.

Well what can I do to make my marriage a successful marriage? I’m glad you asked. 3 essential elements are needed in every marriage for it to be successful.

1. Prayer
2. Praise
3. Worship

Prayer, communicate, make requests clear, request what you want,  remembering some requests maybe a delay not a denial.

Praise, praise each other for no reason at all, praise each other for being considerate, praise each other for doing something.

Worship, worship spending time with each other, adore one another, tell each other how much you love and need them.

With prayer, praise and worship, your marriage can be great, even with or without intimacy.

Prayer, praise and worship will ignite the fire, make sure you’re ready to handle the flames.


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