Living in the old testament will cause you to eventually sink. The old testament was a foreshadow of things TO COME. If you haven’t recognized that the old testament has been fulfilled by Jesus Christ, you’re in a sinking position.

You will always quote old testament scriptures not understanding that Christ fulfilled it.

TODAY, we are swimming, moving, enjoying, living, breathing GRACE.

When you quote an old testament scripture, remember Christ completed the act and now GRACE allows you to walk by faith knowing its accomplished.

Old testament quote: I’m going into the enemy’s camp and take back everything the devil stole.

New testament: You don’t have to go back Jesus already went back and took everything we need. Whatever you need is now found in Christ, no need to keep going back, you won’t find anything.

Why not swim, move forward, making beautiful strokes and strides in life with Christ


Will you continue to go backwards looking for the devil when he doesn’t have your stuff.

Sink, going backward, downwards or Swim moving forward and upward.

Your decision: sink or swm

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