Heavenly Father, Ruler of the worlds, Creator of everything, I love and adore you because of who You are. We come before your presence giving you the glory, honor, praise and worship due. We worship you because you are love.  Because You’re not a man, that he should lie; Because we know that You’re  a consuming fire, even a jealous God. We worship you for being a merciful God, a God that will not forsake us.

You are one LORD, the mighty God, the God of all gods, the God of our refuge. We honor you because we know that You goeth with us and fight for us. You are among us, with us, in us. WE glorify you because You are our strength and power. our grace and mercy. We worship you because You’re greater than man, You’re mighty in battle, You’re Lord of Lord and King of Kings, You’re in our heart and in our minds. You’re a very present help in trouble.

I bow down and worship you because You’re our judge, our helper, our God forever and forever. We love you Almighty God, we have no other God before thee because thou are our defense, You’re for us, You’re high; creating in us clean hearts. You bless Your Holy Name because You’re our sanctuary, our sun, our righteousness, our revenge, our salvation, our trust, our revealer of secrets.

We lay prostrate in your presence reverencing you because You’re greater than all. You’re a spirit, You’re preached in all the world. You’re the giver of life unto the world.  You’re are true, faithful and love.

We thank you for this opportunity to worship you in truth and we bless thy Holy and Wonderful Name.


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