We stand, stunned, startled as we witness tormenting, clawing, fighting and cries of screams. We’re witnessing demons tormenting our loved one while dying.

We would pray and say Jesus, Jesus and  the demons would start fighting us. Even in dying when their is a demonic possession, the demons gives strength to the weak. We didn’t know what was going on until the tormenting continued.

Terror filled that room as my daughter and I tried to understand who they were talking too. We knew they were having a conversation, we just didn’t know who. They were begging and pleading. Their eyes would bulge out. It became apparent to me that they were having a conversation with death.

It was unreal witnessing a dying person, plead for their life. It was unreal to see them attempting to claw their way out. It was unreal to hear such pain and fear in a person’s voice. It was so unreal witness them fighting you when you tried to pray. It was unreal to see eyes bulging in fear.

It finally hit me their dying and death was there to claim that spirit. They would come to themselves periodically and we would talk to them. What’s wrong, I asked. They would say, “it’s hard to explain.” I asked can you say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. They would never says Jesus.

The next day, I arrived back and they were sitting straight up, hands gripping the side of the bed rocking. The look on their face was nothing but fear. I pulled out the bible and started reading it. I kept saying, say Jesus, pray. They never spoke Jesus.

I stayed in the room all day, praying. They died being tormented, fearful.

Do I know where this soul is, no.
Do I know if this soul will make it into heaven, no.
Do I know if this soul will go to hell, no,

No man has authority to place a person in heaven nor hell.

I can tell you that I’ve witness a peaceful, where they asked me if I could hear the angels sing.

Now I’ve witness a death, where they were pleading and begging.

You judge your own life. Your life will dictate your death.


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