It’s Time To Clean Up

Lets ALL Clean Up our:

MOTIVES – wrong motives shows your true heart, prayer shows God your heart to change your motives

ANGER – don’t sin, be angry at sin not at the person.

JEALOUSY – you’re holding yourself back holding on to somebody else’s stuff.

ATTITUDE – why have an attitude and spoil your day(s). Learn to be happy.

FINANCES – living above your means, self inflicted pain. Living beneath your means, holds up blessings. Biblical principles matters.

HOUSE – Jesus may stop by unexpectedly (Jesus in someone)

EXCUSES – Haven’t you already used enough, you’re overflowing and people are drowning.

HATE – I have yet to find any benefit in hating, it makes you old. Look in the mirror. Hate sin, satan, evil. Why not leave people to God.

Whatever you need to clean up, today is a beautiful day to begin.

God loves you, I love you, so love yourself; CLEAN UP

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