But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God (LOVE/POWER),

then the kingdom of God is come unto you.


I was in church enjoying the praise and worship. I was so engulfed in the spirit of worship that I didn’t recognize when they had stopped singing. I remember the pastor’s mother was seating on our row close by me, looking angelic with her white hair sparkling from the sun coming through the window. I got up and my spirit was still bubbling over as I sat in my seat as still as I could.

The pastor preached an awesome sermon as far as I could tell between what the spirit was doing and what he was saying. I remember the pastor giving an altar call and many people starting coming up front. I began praying for each person that came up for prayer. The pastor wanted all the ministers to come up to the front to pray for the people, but the spirit led me to stay back and begin praying for everyone.

As I was standing there praying, a beautiful young woman walked up to the front of the church and asked for prayer. She looked lost and you could tell that she was lonely and was searching. For some reason more than one minister began to pray for her. Then another one came over, then another one. There were about 4/5 ministers praying with her and now they’re getting loud, screaming, I bind you in the name of Jesus, in Jesus name come out. Now the congregation is looking at the ministers praying.

All the other people the ministers laid hands on them and then made their way over to this beautiful woman. The woman began to spit up from choking, she began to scream, she began to act wildly. The louder the ministered screamed, the more violent she would become. You could tell that she was exhausted, as tears ran down her face.

The pastor looked at me, I looked at him sadly and he pointed for me to go over to the lady. I went over to her and I politely asked the minister to please give me a minute. They looked at me, backed up a bit and still stood around me and her. I looked the woman in her eyes and said, “I LOVE YOU,” she began to cry profusely and feel to her knees. I hugged her and lifted her up and spoke softly, “Jesus Loves you, God Loves you.” Every witchcraft spirit and desire is no more, you are free in the name of Jesus. She fell in my arms and whispered, please help me. I looked in her eyes and said, “Jesus is right here to help you.” I then asked her if she was involved in witchcraft. She told me yes and that she wanted to be free of it. ” I held her in my arms and started praying for her, I told her to call on Jesus and that He would set her free. She began to saying, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and crying. I looked in her eyes and said, You are free in Jesus name, Amen.” She said, hugged me again and said, thank you.

I asked for some paper and wrote down my phone number and gave it to her. From that day forward, she begin drawing closer to God, was filled with the holy spirit and she didn’t go back to witchcraft.

I believe that everyone that prayed for her that day, had a hand in God setting her free. I believe that God’s love and power was activated through all of us and I thank God that we were able to witnessed her getting saved, baptized and growing in God’s grace.






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