Here is a conversation between me and the holy spirit over the course of 2 weeks.

Holy spirit – start a bible class
Me – ok, excited to do it.

Holy spirit – speak truths
Me – Wednesday nights will be perfect. The kids are available too,

Holy spirit – this is not a church
Me – I’m not going to worry about where because it’s not a church. God wants to do a new things. I’m really excited.

Holy spirit – teach everywhere
Me – Didn’t have to pray about this because God will meet my need when it comes to location.

Me – I didn’t look for a location because I had a need and I knew God would supply my need.

Me – God sent multiple locations. He supplied the need.

Me – Let’s have it at this location so I can cook for the people of God, eat while we study His Word.

Me –  I noticed that. God allows a demon to touch my car. They love being mischievous, so I know they had fun laughing at me. Now I’m immobile.

Me – Now I’m still trying to figure out how am I going to go to the grocery store, get to the location and then get back home.

Holy spirit – open the conference line and use skype.

Me – obeying downloaded  ooVoo, 12 people can video chat in. I’ll use my old conference line so people can call in. God sends finances to get the car fixed. I’m excited.

Me – I go out to take the car to get it fixed and I can’t get in. All four doors on the car are frozen closed. Can’t get in the car to take it to get it fixed.

Me – ok, I’m missing something. It’s time to hear from the holy spirit because I’m missing something.

Me – I didn’t need to pray about the car, God allowed it to break. But what’s the purpose of it breaking right now? I knew I had to have sinned somewhere in this process but where. How did I miss the mark. I’ve made a mistake somewhere and I needed to asked God to speak to my heart.

Holy spirit – I didn’t tell you to find a location.

Me – but God sent many locations to me to have it in.

Holy spirit – because you had a need.

Me – I had a need so God meet my need, but I was out of God’s will.

Me – Feeling dumb, I asked, “why allow my car to break down.”

Holy Spirit – you didn’t need it. That was the way I got your attention.

Me – so God didn’t want a physical location for bible studies, He wanted me to teach everywhere which meant online.

Me – but now I need my car.

Holy Spirit – didn’t God send the finances to get it fixed.

Me – WOW God, I missed the mark, you kept me from the mistake and now I need to pray for forgiveness. I sinned when I decided to do it my way and I expected you to bless it anyway. FORGIVE ME LORD.

Forgive me Lord – Solo

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